2019/20 SEASON



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by Alistair McDowall

directed by artistic director Jonathan L. Green



September 22 - October 27, 2019

Victory Gardens Richard Christiansen Theater


First, they called it X. Then, they called it Pluto. Now, they’re not calling at all.


Billions of miles from home, a lone research base waits to receive another message from Earth. It’s been three weeks. It’s never been this long. The crew attempts to maintain normal operations, but as the silence grows louder, the darkness outside the station starts to creep in.


by Brynne Frauenhoffer

directed by artistic associate Regina Victor



May 17 - June 21, 2020

Victory Gardens Richard Christiansen Theater


Hey cutie. You like to watch? Don’t feel shy. Is this what you imagined? Can I tell you a secret? I’m gonna be famous one day. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself.


Most careers don’t last longer than three months in Miami’s professional-amateur porn scene. But that’s about to change when rising star Chloe Kendall meets the driven trans performer Nastasia. The girls are doing it for themselves now, and for the first time, people won’t just be watching them – they’ll be paying attention.


Pro-Am was commissioned and developed by Sideshow Theatre Company.

2019/20 SEASON