The Freshness Initiative

date range
Jun 27, 2015
Jun 27, 2015


1. newly created, newly made
2. not previously known, used, faded or impaired
3. clean or pure
4. very good/“fly”
5. (of water) not salt

For tickets, please RSVP to tickets [at] sideshowtheatre [dot] org.

This year Sideshow Theater Company invites three of Chicago's hottest playwrights to develop brand new, full-length, totally fresh works inside the laboratory of the Freshness Initiative. During the year long program, Sideshow artists and staff will work with each resident writer to develop plays that intersect, explore and explode Sideshow’s aesthetic and mission. The result will be three bold, fresh works for the stage that push audiences expectations of what a Sideshow play might be.

Come see each new work showcased in public readings at Victory Gardens coinciding with the conclusion of each Sideshow mainstage show.

by Emily Dendinger
directed by Brad Akin
Saturday, September 20, 2014

When Margo learns that her unborn child has a terminal illness, she becomes frustrated with the limitations of the present. Margo turns to a Laura Ingalls Wilder pageant for comfort, but quickly realizes that sunbonnets and churning butter come with their own challenges.


by Calamity West
directed by Marti Lyons
Saturday, April 4, 2015

In a swank French hotel room in the mid-1960s, an artist hides out from a world that's turned on him. He smokes, talks, drinks, and tries not to think about acoustic versus electric. Calamity West delivers a funny, sardonic and theatrical examination of how you hold on to your art when everyone else thinks that it's theirs.


by Janet Burroway
directed by Elly Green
Saturday, June 27, 2015

A woman's home is her kingdom, but with three post-college daughters all moving back in, things get crowded. Leah proposes to split the house three ways and turn it over to her daughters lock, stock and upkeep. All she wants in return is a promise they’ll take care of in her declining years. But the plan sparks a war between and within the generations, and leaves Leah wandering the streets, homeless, raving at storms. Acclaimed writer Janet Burroway takes a look at a modern story through a Shakespearian lens, in this intimate and epic family tale.

Boomerang is supported by a generous gift from Daniel Reid. 

The 2014/15 Freshness Initiative is supported in part by a generous gift from Theatre Seven's Legacy Gift. 

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at Richard Christiansen Theatre at Victory Gardens
2433 N Lincoln Ave