Everything Freezes

"This is not a ghost story."
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Feb 26, 2009
Apr 5, 2009

From the company of magicians, freaks and geeks that brought you the summer 2008 smash hit Dante Dies!! (and then things get weird) by Walt McGough, comes a new work from Sideshow Theatre Company: Everything Freezes: another winter’s tale, co-written by Artistic Director Jonathan L. Green and Literary Manager Walt McGough, with an inspirational assist from William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. In the midst of a tragic tale of jealousy, a marble statue comes to life and kind of distracts everybody. Two families struggle for normalcy in a world where resurrections, hauntings, and a very real miracle are suddenly par for the course.

Everything Freezes takes the characters of Shakespeare’s Winter’s Tale and propels them into new lives. King Leontes and Queen Hermione find their lives rent asunder by jealousy. But when an unexplained miracle seems to set things right, the royal family is left not with closure, but a mountain of new questions. Dragged into the fray is their best friend Polixenes, along with the children of both families, who seem far better suited to life in a magic world. Blows are dealt, lives are lost, and the rules of reality bend and break in this off-beat and moving comedy about what family means in the face of the unknown.

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written by: Jonathan L. Green and Walt McGough

directed by: Jonathan L. Green

featuring: John Bonner, Matt Fletcher, Karie Miller, Keith Neagle, Bruce Phillips and Autumn Shiley