The 2015 Sideshow Gala

An exclusive benefit for Sideshow Theatre Company


It’s an all-out war of pomp and circumstance as the Buckford-Westingtons defend ancestral belongings from their distant relatives, the Peascotts. The nouveau-riche and painfully hipsterish Peascotts are attempting a startup style takeover of the family Auxiliary Trophy Barn Annex, which they plan to utilize as a server farm for their new internet startup company, oölb. Backed into a corner, the Buckford-Westingtons will use their time-honored tradition to end family feuds:

The Buckford-Westington Foofera Assuagement Protocols

With the Buckford-Westington style competitive games already underway, we are counting down the days until the 2015 Gala, where the rousing conclusion of this high-class competition can be experienced up close and personal. You can even partake in the festivities, with high-brow adaptations of classic American games. Guests can look forward to:  


Champagne pong with butlers for pong ball cleaning, fetching and celebrity shooting


Updates on the scoring of the Foofera, in real time, up until the grand finale


A ceremonial bout of the Butler Battle, a combat style pioneered by the Buckford-Westington family

With plentiful food and drink, delicious desserts, whiskey tastings and more, the 2015 Gala will prove to be Sideshow's most exciting one yet! Join us for inter-family strife at its richest and purchase your tickets today! 

Read up on all the drama at the 2015 Gala by visiting the Buckford-Westington Family Interledger.

Many Thanks!

Without our sponsors generous support, our Gala would not be possible. Many thanks to Mark Light and First Light Group, CH Distillery, Frances Gecker,  Honey Baby Baker, Tami Kucera, Lagunitas Brewery and Illinois Sparkling Co. for your contributions to the 2015 Gala!

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Saturday, May 16, 2015
7pm - 11pm
1326 N Cleveland Ave

$100 Regular Tickets

$150 VIP Tickets includes a special award at registration and other secret VIP surprises at the event!