Sideshow Internships


For every show Sideshow produces, our goals are to ensure that each artist working with us feels his/her work and time is valued, finds ownership for his/her creative impact on the production, and becomes part of a community of artists and staff providing support for the play and for the individuals working on the production. We aim to offer the most organized, most professional storefront experience in Chicago.


What you can expect from the Sideshow Internship:

 COMMUNICATION: The first point of our code of conduct is to communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully with one another.

 A PERFECT FIT: In six years, Sideshow has hosted seven internships, each wildly different from one another. We tailor each experience to the goals and needs of each individual. Because of this, we keep our intern cohorts small to guarantee focus and flexibility.

 MOMENTUM: Behind this great band of artists is a strong spine of business sense. The Sideshow internship grants you experience helping to craft the unique Sideshow magic, and to apply the practical business skills you’ll need producing your own work after you graduate.

 ACCESS: Part of the thrill of crafting your own internship means you generate goals and we help you accomplish them. If you have a question you want answered or a skill you want to try, we’ll find an answer, an outlet, or we’ll show you the solution ourselves.


What we expect from you:

POSITIVITY in your attitude.

PROFESSIONALISM in your behavior.

PASSION for your art.

PROFICIENCY in your work.

 To start a conversation, contact Brittany Parlor, Company Manager, at brittany [at] sideshowtheatre [dot] org.

“My experience with Sideshow showed me that theatre can always be a part of my life regardless of where my career path takes me.  The hands on nature allowed me to feel included as a member of a team.  I was able to take on independent tasks that I took pride in.  Even as an intern, I felt like my presence had an impact on the shows. The company as a whole has been inspiring.”

Mary Mathyer, Intern Class 2009-10

 “Sideshow exposed me to the true theatre culture that is fighting for breath and expression in the western stage model of these decades. Sideshow finds its depth in its knowledge and love of tradition and finds its height in its lascivious (I mean lascivious!) desire to smash America head on with love and repulsion. I'm talking about the company not the internship. But the critical thing about the internship is you're not some f*cking douchebag in an office cell but you're a member of the company.”

Roland Reynolds, Intern Class 2010