Audience Development Talkback Series


The Gacy Play offers Sideshow many exciting opportunities. Beyond the artistic adventure of exploring this  powerful original play, we look forward to using this as a chance to engage in new ways with our audiences. The mere act of producing a play with such weighty subject matter brings a number of memories and issues to the forefront in our community. Out of respect for those memories and in taking responsibility for the impact this material may have, we are creating a talkback forum after every show. This will also provide our audiences  and company artists with the chance to connect with one another, while processing the material together.


All post-show conversations will happen immediately after every performance, with the exception of opening and closing day performances. 


When you decide to attend a performance of The Gacy Play, please consider staying around after the performance. A knowledgeable Sideshow facilitator will greet you after the performance with a simple talkback guide, listing questions we hope to explore in our conversation relating to the play and its subject matter. After giving you a chance to breathe with the experience of the play, and the questions at hand, we invite you back into the theatre, to participate in the guided discussion, which will last about 20 minutes.  Guests can enjoy complimentary snacks and half price drinks at the Theater Wit bar during post-show conversations. 


Following each weekend of performances, we will update our website with notes and highlights from that weekend’s talkbacks. 


The talkback series gets to the heart of theatre, and the act of gathering to witness an event. By bearing witness to a story together, and then coming together in dialogue,  we hope to strengthen our community. Please consider joining us for what hopes to be a lively examination of the monsters we all share and fear.