The League
What is CLLAW?
It's the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers.
  • The league is sponsored and produced by Sideshow Theatre Company, an Illinois non-profit founded in 2007.
  • Members contribute an active voice and presence to the operations and growth of the league by attending league functions and contributing time to the planning and execution of CLLAW events.
  • By becoming a member of the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers, you are also becoming a part of CLAW USA, the Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers. Founded in 2011 with 19 leagues across the country, the mission of CLAW USA is to empower women and strengthen local communities through theatre, arm wrestling, and philanthropy. CLAW USA hosted its first all-league showdown, Super CLAW, in June 2012 in Charlottesville, Virginia. CLLAW (here in Chicago) includes a compendium of female-identified participants and seeks to create a safe space for all participants and audience. We seek to mirror the diversity of our greater society and welcome participation from people of diverse identities by age, race, class, ability, and gender definition.
The Show
What's a CLLAW all about?
  • CLLAW is sports entertainment at its finest! What does that mean? It means that CLLAW blends atheticism into a 360-degree theatrical spectacle.
  • Each wrestler is a larger than life personality. Develop a wrestler alter ego before the show, get her a killer costume, and then let her run wild at the match.
  • Each wrestler, manager, entourage, and all CLLAW volunteers are encouraged to engage the audience on and off the stage. Mingle with, heckle, and even tickle the crowd to your heart's content.
  • CLLAW's three yearly productions raise money for a local arts-based non-profit and Sideshow Theatre Company. It's lots of raucous fun for a good cause.
The Perks
What's in it for me?
CLLAW offers you the chance to ...
  • Be a member of an elite group of creative, supportive, and friendly lady-identified folks (and some male-indentified gents too!).
  • Empower, inspire, and impress the audience with your performance.
  • Do something good for your community. Remember all the money raised at CLLAW supports the arts in Chicago.
Is it safe to arm wrestle with CLLAW?
CLLAW's priority is safety and there are many rules in place to ensure that everyone involved makes safety their priority too. With this in mind, CLLAW requires that all lady-identified arm wrestlers ... 
  1. Are at least 21 years old.
  2. Have valid health insurance.
  3. Complete a preliminary wrestler-in-training period.
But I'm not normally a performer ... Can I do this?
Yes! Try it. Wrestlers in the league come from a variety of backgrounds: teachers, social workers, comediennes, graphic designers, lawyers, journalists, freelance artists, and YOU!

But I'm not an athlete ... Can I do this?
Yes! Try it. The most memorable wrestlers aren't the strongest; the most memorable wrestlers are often the strangest, loudest, and sorest losers. In CLLAW, losers are winners too. Lose big, stir up some drama, and go down in CLLAW history.

But I identify as male ... Can I still be a part of this?
Yes! CLLAW needs a few good men. Only folks who identify as a lady can arm wrestle but folks who identify as male can certianly volunteer in so many ways, from managers and CLLAWBUX sellers to members of an entourage and more.

Can my friends come?  
We hope they do! Behind every great wrestler, manager, and CLLAW volunteer is a great audience. PLEASE NOTE: This is an event at a bar so all participants and guests must be 21 years old or over by the date of the event.

This is all too good to be true ... Where's the proof that CLLAW exists?
Check out The CLLAW Blog for coverage and pictures from the last 15 events. 

More questions? Want to know how to get involved?
If you are from the press or would like to get more information about the marketing of CLLAW, contact our marketing manager Bruce Phillips at bruce [at] sideshowtheatre [dot] org. For information on the wrestler-in-training program and volunteering at a future CLLAW, email CLLAW [at] sideshowtheatre [dot] org.