Sideshow Theatre Company Founding Donors


Emily Abramson
The Absolute Pitts
Susan and Jim Ackley
Elizabeth and Evie Andrews
Kevin Bache
Crystal Baird
Thomas Baker
Lois and Mark Berkowitz
Kathy Blakeslee
Ashley Blasland
Sara Brown
Keenan Caldwell
Scottie Caldwell
Kevin Cannon
Stephen and Rose Cardi
Jessica Carr
Jessi Cordle
Daniel Crane
Ilesa Duncan
Carin L. Edwards-Orr
Elizabeth English
William and Nancy Fletcher
Cynthia Frahm
Freddie and Forrest Frazier
Timothy Frazier
Rebecca and Mark Friedman
Daria Okugawa and Larry Goldstein
Erica and Josh Goodman
Matthew Green
Miriam and Barry Green
Rebecca and Alan Green
Shirley Green
Erin Fletcher Hall
Elizabeth Hedlund
Evan Hepler-Smith
Jonathan Hilliard
Lyn and Fred Hodnett
Chat Hull
Danny Junod
Jeffrey and Marea Kahn
The Kates Family
Jillian Kilcullen
Catherine Kim
Jessica Kirzner
Elinor Nathanson and Peter Kogan
Lauren Koumbis
Leticia Kuyumciyan

Frank Lankey, Jr.
Dan and Heidi Lang
Yasir Latifi
Ran Lee
Christi Leimbach
Sue and Rich Leimbach
Cindy and Bill Leslie
Alli Lidie
Brian Loevner
Brin Lukens
Liz Lyle
Becky and Tom McGough
Emily McGough
Hugh McGough
Jane F. McGough
Marita McGough
Michael McGough
Courtney West-McGuire and Tim McGuire
Tayloe Moore
Catherine Ochalek
Boomie Pedersen
E. Warren and Shannon Perry
John and Jacqui Pickering
Dylan Pinter
Jill and Fran Quinn
Suzy Quinn
Jenn Root
Megan Ross
Julie Schaffner
Doug Schneider
J and Meredith Scott
Christine Screnci
Joe and Stephanie Sell
Hattie Fletcher and William Semins
Barbara Sholley
David and Barbara Smith
Andy and Oraly Spatz
Sarah Steinfeld
Lauren Trinker
Susan and Woody Tucker
Karen and Norm Vail
Ben Warner
Jude Reagan and Richard Warner
Morgan Whitaker
Elsie Winfree
Jack and Dawn Velut
Patricia Worsham
Colin Wright